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Short Film Projects & Other
Open Positions


Openings 2022 (Closed) 


"IGGY" Alien Chicken - Project


New Spring Production

Starts Jan 24th

Pre-Production Stage

  • 3D Artist

  • 3D /2D Animators

  • Background Artist

  • Composite Artist / Editor

  • Marketing / Graphic Designer


Alien Chicken_logo_Rough.png

Project Coordinator - (Intern)

Openings 2023

Project Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

A professional Project Coordinator should be able to fulfill various duties and responsibilities. They should be able to work closely with project managers to create comprehensive action plans concerning resources, budgets and timeframes for projects. Project managers perform various coordinating duties such as scheduling and risk management. The following are additional duties and responsibilities that a project coordinator should be able to do:

Openings 2021 (Closed)

We are always looking for these skill sets. Please submit your application and portfolio for future projects.


"IGGY" Alien Chicken - Project



Fall Production

Starts Nov 1st

Pre-Production Stage

  • Scriptwriter

  • Story-boarding Artist

  • Character Design Artist

  • Background Concept Artist


The story is about dealing with loss and appreciation of life. Our story  takes a glimpse of our main characters Harry the bear and Guppy the  fish, both have encountered their own unique misfortune of loss of their  loved ones. Ironically, they meet up on a particular fishing day at the doc where   Harry goes  to fish for his next meal. In a series of events after Guppy has been  caught, they help each other bring closure to their misfortunes. Our  story is definitely something that will hit the soul, we will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions of fun, laughter, suspense and  happiness. As they explore other relationships dynamics in the woods.



Fall Open Positions (Fishing For the Soul)

Starts Feb 2023 - March 17th (Closed)



1 - Hire Contract Part-Time (Alumni)

• Character Animation

• 3D Artist

• 3D & Animation Compositing


2 - Internship Part-Time (Student)

• Character Animation

• 3D Artist

• 3D & Animation Compositing

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

How to apply:


Email to: 

Demo Reel: Attach your demo reel to the email by ( link ) (Other links of work examples or websites are welcome)


Portfolio: Attach a link or upload a PDF (if applying for Concept or Storyboard artist)


Application Letter: 2-3 paragraphs info about you, strong skill sets and desired position,Sign & Date.


You may submit a early application before the final submitting date.


Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. 

 Workshops TA (Intern)

Openings 2023

Workshop assistants for he online workshops in Animation, 3D Modeling and Illustrating

Must be comfortable animating in 2D and 3D.

We are always looking for these skill sets. Please submit your application and portfolio for future projects.

Workshop Assistants (TA)

  • 3D Animator 

  • 2D Animator / Motion Graphics

  • 3D Modeling

  • Digital Painting

Project Coordinator - (Intern / Hire)

Openings 2022

2D Animation Project

2D Animators: After Effects or ToonBoom


Prop Artist



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