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Animation Workshops Details


Spring classes - January / April

Summer classes  - May / August


Fall  classes  - September / December

  • 4 week course 

  • 2 classes per week

  • 1-hr class time

  • Flexible hours available upon request 

  • Workshops start beginning of every month, 1st & 2nd week

Workshops Eligible for:

  • 6-12 Grade Students

  • Grads  & Above     

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Animation Workshops


RJ Animation offers an exciting Animation Workshop for students in grades 6-12 and beyond. Participants will receive a hands-on introduction to 3D/2D animation, as well as an understanding of basic 3D modeling and digital painting techniques. With a focus on creativity and enjoyment, students will have a fun and enriching experience while learning new skills.

Online students will gain hands-on experience with industry standard software to create 3D models, short animations, and develop relevant skills. The program will cover the creative process and animation pipeline, providing a comprehensive understanding of fundamental skills. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to create original artwork and have a good understanding for each production stage. 

At RJ Animation, our team of professional artists and animators are dedicated to engaging with our online students and inspiring them long after their course has ended. We are committed to bringing their creative and original ideas to life, ensuring that their passion for art and animation continues to thrive. Our experts will utilize their vast experience and expertise to provide a valuable learning experience that transcends the virtual classroom. Join us at RJ Animation and embark on a transformative creative journey with us.

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