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20% Discount July workshops 2022


 (Original Price is $250)


Total cost for workshop with July discount $200

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Payment path - Tuition 1 Week $50 / 2 Weeks $100 / 4 Weeks $150

adds up to Full Course payment of $200

If you are unable to make a payment for the full workshop, we got you covered! You can use this page to pay for classes weekly instead. This page is for people who have already submitted their application and have already paid for at least one week of the workshop.


You will receive an email about the due date for the "Pay As You Go" plan during the first week. Every Monday will be the due date for the workshop payment if you choose this payment path.  We will send you a email notification if you fail to make any payments. If three notifications are sent and payment is still not received, access to the workshop will be blocked. We will do our best to prevent any interruptions to your account with us.  


Pay As You Go Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please contact our team: if you have further questions regarding the Pay As You Go plan prior to submitting your payment below.

Return to the "Workshop Payment Page"  to finish payment process.


Return to this page to make any additional payments.  

Week 1 Payment

Week 2 Payment

Week 4 Payment